Your one-stop solution your every section of your retail business. We provide the world with the best Point Of Sale retail and jewellery Software with the best set of features to help your business grow.


Our software interface is equipped with basic, yet advanced user-friendly interface. Every step you need to take is right in front of you.
With our top rated software, you can be everywhere at the same time as you are provided with the options to track your inventory in real, check for the progress of any of your product and, always stay up-to-date with everything happening with your business.


South Central Asia best POS software developer and India’s first POS software that can give you the full account of everything happening to each and everyone one of your products.
You don’t need to have any prior accounting software because the math would be done for you in no time.
With our software, you can access your profit and loss balance sheet.


Auromine software Solutions provide you with access to detailed reports of the activities in your business.
With this report, you get to better study and understand your customers, it gives you reports from time to time on the performance of your employees in their various departments, it provides you with a detailed report on your products.
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Auromine Retail Pos also creates a win-win solution for franchisers and franchisee by tailoring a custom-made software to serve as a central.
Connecting to every outlet of an organization and keep information and data flowing from one end to the other.
So we serve the purpose for both small and multi-international retail companies.


Start the worlds easiest Point of sale retail with Auromine both for offline and online Cloud hosted.

Billing Software

Auromine GST Billing Software is specifically made for startups, growing and small businesses like Restaurants, QSR, Pizza Shop, Ice Cream Parlors, Food Courts, Bakery, and also Any Small Retail business without Inventory.
This software can serve different purposes among which includes software invoice and accounting purposes.


Jewellery Billing Software

Auromine provides you with the best jewellery Billing and accounts Software for every and any jewellery wholesaler, Bullion Dealers, jewellery Retailer, jewellery Manufacturer and more, for maintaining your Accounts and Inventory without Barcode.

Jewellery ERP Software

jewellery ERP Software is made for any type of Retail Company, from startup to a multi-international jewellery company.


Retail POS Enterprise Software

Auromine Retail POS software possesses loads of features that would help make your business easy and ensures you are always up-to-date with the activities of your business.

Mobile POS Software

Auromine M-POS Android program is perfect for startups and small organization owners. Auromine continues to build its relationship with organizations, ranging from startups to top corporations. Our M-POS android application is made for organizations with minimum investment. We are flexible to satisfy the need of all our customers is why we built a program for Android devices in order to help minimum investment cooperation achieve their true potential. This program can be used for invoice, billing purpose and others for Restaurants, QSR, Pizza Shop, Ice Cream Parlors, Food Courts, Bakery, and also Any Small Retail without an Inventory.

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Cloud-Hosted Software

Auromine Retail POS and jewelry  ERP software are built to blend into any type business, ranging from a start-up to the best and biggest global retail organization. Inventory management, Accounts management, Security Barcode, Ales and Purchase Transactions, Bank transactions including bank transfers and many more and each and every one of this features are Cloud Hosted making it easy for you to access them from anyone and at any time. With the unlimited features on our POS and ERP interface, you don't need to go through any more stress as our software possesses variety of features which include.

POS Software

I have been in the retail business for so long and believe me when I say that comparing Auromine Retail POS software is still the best yet. This is something that has been proven as I have tried various several POS software before I eventually settled for Auromine Retail POS software.
Adams Collections
Mr. Mudassir
Their interface! That is what caught my eyes and through that, I discovered a lot a more. Their features are awesome and the platform is perfect, it contains every single thing I need for my business.
Mr. Lalith
I have been using Auromine POS software for more than 5 years and I must say, my business has been growing drastically. I am comfortable with them and I know they won’t let me down.
Stylo Bag
Mr. Abdul Wahab
Personally, this is the best retail POS software I have ever come across. It has a vast and unlimited feature and also provides you with every necessary information you need to know in real time.
Happy Store
Mr. Anand

Jewellery ERP Software

As much as my dad loved technology, he never found the perfect ERP software for his business. He complained they were all complicated till he tried Auromine Jewellery ERP software. I got the call on a Saturday as he called me to help him with the installation and I was also blown away by its user-friendly interface, it was superb.
Mudhra Jewellers
Mr. Murugavel
They are a great customer support team, I got more than I needed and I believe they are the best in their industry.
Meena Jewellery
Mr. Jayam
I saw Auromine of the internet and I clicked it out of curiosity and I can say that is the best thing I have ever done for my business. Their software has the solution to every problem I was facing and I have since then been recommending it to my friends.
Sri Venkateswara Jewellery
Mr. Karthick
Initially, I only needed a software that could maintain my profit and loss account but after discovering Auromine Jewellery ERP software, it became my accountant. Their customer support is also really great.
Nakoda Thangamaligai
Mr. Hemanth

GST Billing Software

It is a really smart and user-friendly interface . It calculates sales analytic in real time and delivers the accurate result every time.
Pizza Republic
Mr. Muralidharan
The price is very affordable and generous for the quality of their product and service. I didn’t hesitate to get their GST billing software and it has only made life easier for me. Now, I only stress when necessary as I have faith in the software to do the rest.
B Hair Spa
Mr. Yuvraj
Auromine Cloud-Pos is the best! I purchased some hardware from them along with some software and I have been happy ever since. It is like that was everything I have been waiting for and it didn't let me down.
Mr. Abdul Wahab
It's the user-friendly interface. It is quite beautiful and easy to use without any help.
Mr. Yousof

M-POS Application

I was already disappointed about balancing my business with school but that was when I stumbled on Auromine M-POS application. It was the perfect solution for me and till today, I can successfully balance my business with my education as Auromine M-POS application keeps me up-to-date with my business.
Mr. Red Oak
I had started using the mobile application but I never really set my mind to it till I went for a trip and left my cousin to watch over my store. While I was on my trip, I was worried and I decided to actually check out the features of the application and the only thing I regret is that I didn't start using it earlier. I got real-time updates on my business sales and transaction!
Mr. Amjad Ali
It is like my personal assistant. It keeps me up-to-date with my industry and also gives me the best stock summary analysis.
Smart Solution
I never believed the application would that the application would work for my windows phone but it did they said. It has a very flexible platforms that can satisfy every need.
Mrs. Usha Rani
We promised to keep our customers happy and continually provide them with everything they need, which is what we are achieving.
Mr. Anees Ur Rehman

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