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The fastest growing Point-Of-Sale Software development company in south-central Asia is Auromine Solutions. Auromine Solutions has evolved with technology and they have taken the lead as the best end to end POS and ERP software development companies. The growth of Auromine Solutions is all thanks to their resilient passion for technology as they work alongside top companies in the IT industry to bring out the best POS and ERP software and also, other tools and accessories ranging from various types of POS software and other software for Inventory management, Real-time reporting, employee scheduling, web development, e-commerce and mobile application development. Auromine solutions also provide custom-made software for Retail, Jewelry, restaurants, sales company, IT companies and several more. Auromine Solutions also works alongside the business industry to provide them with various types of software and even custom-made software for specific organizations. Auromine Solutions doesn’t discriminate among companies as they provide every single one of their client with the best software that will serve as a solution to any problem they might be facing. The feature-rich POS platform easy to manage inventory, accounts, Barcode, Sales, Purchase, Branch Transfer etc., On-premises offline POS Software or Cloud Hosted you are ready to go.

Auromine Vision

At Auromine Solutions, we believe businesses can use the advantage of technology to grow their business in a quicker and better way. Our solutions can grow and scale with your business. You can easily add features, without breaking the bank. Auromine founders grew up in a retail environment from 1992 covering almost all of retail business with expertise knowledge in real-time. As we are in Jewelry Industry, Textile, Watch, Automobiles, grocery, leather goods, footwear and much more. Together we can solve real business problems with innovative ideas and launch market-tested products that have the ability to transform any business. We work collaboratively with your team to ensure smooth delivery of service.

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Why Choose Us

  •   Multi-disciplinary software developers with proven track record
  •   We are highly flexible to meet the needs of our customers both local and international.
  •   Delivering real value for money to our customers
  •   We have a deep understanding of business needs and market trends
  •   We stand behind our customers and help create innovative services and solutions to grow their businesses.


Start the worlds easiest Point of sale retail with Auromine both for offline and online Cloud hosted. Auromine Solutions is a top rated POS Software development company in India passionate about helping any business both small, medium and large to succeed. A single store owner or running a multi-store outlet, Franchisee or Franchiser.

Mobile POS Software(MPOS)



Auromine M-POS Android program is perfect for startups and small organization owners. Auromine Solutions continues to build its relationship with organizations, ranging from startups to top corporations. Our M-POS android application is made for organizations with minimum investment. We are flexible to satisfy the need of all our customers is why we built a program for Android devices in order to help minimum investment cooperation achieve their true potential. This program can be used for invoice, billing purpose and others for Restaurants, QSR, Pizza Shop, Ice Cream Parlors, Food Courts, Bakery, and also Any Small Retail without an Inventory.

You can now have your mobile inventory right with you everywhere you go. You can now add and remove items without needing to maintain your inventory as it is automatically assembled. With our android application, you can easily watch your cash flow from anywhere at any time and you can access your bank transactions and other basic accounts.The security of our mobile application istight as it should be as we also use UPC, EAN, and Custom made barcodes with Alphanumeric barcode generation and Scanning to ensure your business stays safe everywhere and every time

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Auromine Hosted Softwares

Start the worlds easiest Point of sale retail with Auromine,
POS Software Supports 60+ businesses, A all in one solutions for the whole retail segments.

Our software interface is equipped with basic, yet advanced user-friendly interface. Every step you need to take is right in front of you. With our top rated software, you can be everywhere at the same time as you are provided with the options to track your inventory in real, check for the progress of any of your product and, always stay up-to- date with everything happening with your business. With your business always with you, you can search for any of your product that is neatly organized and categorized. You can always get the option to automatically re- order your level alerts, effortlessly increase the rate and retail charges, labels, discounts, and perform loads of actions, craft product collections by color or size, organize into bundles, or split into units and stay up-to- date with the sales transaction going on with your business.

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