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We are a young company but we grew fast, thanks to the support of all our valuable customers.

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The fastest growing Point-Of-Sale Software development company in south-central Asia is Auromine.

Auromine has evolved with technology and they have taken the lead as the best end to end POS and Jewelry ERP software development companies.

The growth of Auromine Retail Pos is all thanks to their resilient passion for technology as they work alongside top companies in the IT industry to bring out the best POS, and ERP software and also, other tools and accessories ranging from various types of POS software and other software for Inventory management, Real-time reporting, employee scheduling, web development, e-commerce, mobile pos, business to business b2b, business to consumer b2c, and mobile application development.

Auromine Retail Pos also provide custom-made software for restaurants, sales company, IT companies, Jewellery, and several more.

Auromine Retail Pos was started in 2020(Previously Known us Auromine Solutions) and has since gradually grown and expanded their reach from a single store to having provided various software solution service to various companies under different industries, around the world.

Auromine Retail POS software possesses a platform that has a variety of features for various purposes, among which includes top-level barcode security, effective personal accounts, speedy sales transaction processing, cash register, importing data, gst invoices, gst billing and other options to manage your sales inventory.

Auromine Retail Point - Of - Sale software is also available offline and still remains effective and for every process it performs.

As one of the fastest growing POS software development company, we continually strengthen, develop and update our software with even better solutions and features to ensure the effectiveness of the software.

Auromine Retail POS software contains a large number of features specifically customized to assist your business flourish and evolve with the world. Our software can also adapt with various devices. All auromine solution software is fast, reliable, accurate and light.

Our software brings the best out of your business and makes life easier for both your employees and your clients. We ensure our software are updated from time to time with the latest set of best features to ensure we remain reliable and we keep our customers happy.

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We are highly flexible to meet the needs of our customers both local and international.
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We have a deep understanding of business needs and market trends.
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