About Us

Accelerate your business growth

Auromine Solutions is India's best end to end enterprise POS software development company powered by a passion for the IT industry with a full suite of tools, from billing POS software and ERP for Retail, Jewelry, restaurants, inventory management, real-time reporting, employee scheduling, web development, e-commerce development, mobile development. We pride ourselves in delivering software and solutions that power businesses all around the world from startups to larger companies. The secret of expanding from one store to several hundred, Auromine-POS Software fits any business, small, medium or big. Including with enterprise features suited for all. The feature-rich POS platform easy to manage inventory, accounts, Barcode, Sales, Purchase, Branch Transfer etc., On-premises offline POS Software or Cloud Hosted you are ready to go. As one of India's fastest-growing Enterprise POS software development company, Auromine Solutions has successfully delivered hundreds of software applications and solutions to its clients using a proven development process combined with an expert group of software professionals with proven track record in the IT industry.
Our POS system hosts a suite of features customized to help your business reach its potential. Designed keeping in mind to ease use of our customers. Increase speed of service and ensure order accuracy with tools built specifically for quick services with great features and techniques to bring the highest level of quality services to customers for a better result, increase in ROI improved business efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

Auromine Vision

At Auromine Solutions, we believe businesses can use the advantage of technology to grow their business in a quicker and better way. Our solutions can grow and scale with your business. You can easily add features, without breaking the bank. Auromine founders grew up in a retail environment from 1992 covering almost all of retail business with expertise knowledge in real-time. As we are in Jewelry Industry, Textile, Watch, Automobiles, grocery, leather goods, footwear and much more. Together we can solve real business problems with innovative ideas and launch market-tested products that have the ability to transform any business. We work collaboratively with your team to ensure smooth delivery of service.

Why Choose Us

  •   Multi-disciplinary software developers with proven track record
  •   We are highly flexible to meet the needs of our customers both local and international.
  •   Delivering real value for money to our customers
  •   We have a deep understanding of business needs and market trends
  •   We stand behind our customers and help create innovative services and solutions to grow their businesses.