What is Auromine Retail Pos?

Auromine Retail Pos is a retail software developing company that builds POS and ERP software to track, record and manage your inventory and sales, and also Auromine Solutions sells retail service hardware.

Why Use Auromine ?

Auromine Retail pos provides you with the best set of software, built by top developers to give you various features for your retail business such as inventory management feature, sales management feature, business analysis tools and much more, all in a user-friendly interface that is very easy to use with little to no setup required. It further more offers extra functions that are very beneficialto businesses.

Who can benefit from Auromine Retail Pos?

Auromine spreads its reach to every industry sector in the world, making it possible for various businesses to benefit from us. Startups, stores, multi-international corporations, and much more.

What is the requirement to get started ?

This is the 21st century and the requirement will surely be at arm’s length. All you need is a device and an internet connection. We have various software among which you can choose the best for your device. You just need a computer and an Internet connection. Other hardware like a receipt printer, barcode scanner, and cash drawer are optional and can be added later on.

What internet browsers can I use with Auromine Retail Pos?

Auromine integrates perfectly with every major browser. If you are having any trouble accessing Auromine website or service, try turning on your Javascript and cookies features or try updating your browser.

What type of store uses Auromine Retail Pos?

Any and every type of store can use any of Auromine software or hardware if needed. Our software is designed for any type of retail seller, big or small, single outlet or multi-outlet, Auromine is the best for you.

What Is the Size of Products Auromine Retail Pos Inventory Can hold?

There is no straight answer as the different product may vary in size but our inventory was built to hold more than 7,000 products at a time with the speed intact.

Is Auromine Retail Pos for companies with a large number of employees and branches?

Definitely, even though we don’t have an actual size of the maximum number of branches, all our customers have enjoyed using Auromine with every single one of their branches with ease. Be rest assured that our solution can support more than 50 branches with each branch having its own separate inventory, account, sales record and more and will still be able to share their data with any other branch.

What of Our International Branches?

Your international branches can also enjoy the values of Auromine as we stem our reach as far as it needs to go. Auromine  software helps your business extend its reach far out and wide to various part of the world.

What Are The Devices That Auromine Retail Pos Supports?

Auromine supports almost every devices. The percentage of devices Auromine doesn't support is less than 5%. Our solution can be used with POS receipt printer, Barcode Scanners, Cash Drawers and many other devices with the various operating systems.

Auromine supports almost every devices. The percentage of devices Auromine doesn't support is less than 5%. Our solution can be used with POS receipt printer, Barcode Scanners, Cash Drawers and many other devices with the various operating systems.

What are the features of Auromine Retail Pos Software?

With Auromine  software, you have the features to carry out an unlimited number of task with ease. You get to account for various transactions, sales record and our inventory manager which makes it easy for you to perform various tasks such as categorizing you’re your products, changing their QTY and more.

What are the tax options for Auromine?

With Auromine Retail pos, you get the option to set and modify your tax rate with respect to the different state, province and federal tax rate. Performance and Security.

How Reliable Is Auromine In Relation To My Business?

With Auromine Retail Pos, your business can always be 100% stable as our services and products are 100% reliable. We use the same technological concept as other top internet players such as Google, Facebook and more. We run your business on clusters of servers to ensure the speed and reliability. Our passion for technology helps us deliver the best type of service to our customers. We are fast, reliable and flexible to satisfy your need.

What is your customer support like?

In reality, you wouldn’t need much support as our interface and platform are very easy to use and user-friendly. But regardless, our impeccable customer support service is second to none as we are always available and reachable, 24/7. We are always online to support and you can always send your queries to our email with the assurance that you would be gotten back to in less than 24 hours.

Is our data being backed up regularly?

Your data is in safe hands as we offer both manual and automatic backup options. You can either manually backup your data or it will be done automatically and reduces the risk of you losing anything. Your data is backed up every 24 hours.

Can Auromine  Software be downloaded On Any Device?

Definitely, our software is built to adapt and integrate with various other devices with ease. It can be downloaded on any device and at any time. Our pricing and plans are flexible and affordable!